Introducing An Entirely New Class Of Business Phone

At Comdial, they've designed a business phone system that combines everything you're looking for in a communications system. It's a phone that has style, practicality and ease of operation. They call it Unisyn, and it's the ideal phone system for today's very active business.

It not only makes a statement, It makes sense.
Unisyn phones convey a sleek, stylish image that will enhance the look of any desk or office area. And the newly designed handsets are a comfortable fit for all. But the real beauty of this system lies in it's ease of operation. All three phone models have the same logical button layout, which minimizes the training required for your employees. Line buttons are above the keypad and programmable buttons for one-touch intercom or speed-dials are along the side. And the phone's large, easy to read LCD shows the line in use, number dialed, date and time, as well as station-programmable features.
Unisyn's features include built-in intelligence
The list of features built into Unisyn is impressive. Each phone has three-color LED lights that take the guesswork out of call processing. A green light shows the line you are using, a red light alerts you to a line in use by someone else, and an orange light identifies the first ringing incoming call.
Standard features are anything but typical with Unisyn. Users enjoy everything from call forward, call transfer, and last number redial, to toll restriction, conference calling and zone paging.

In addition to the more than 100 standard features, enhanced features let you customize your system. With the flexibility of universal ports, you can use either a multiline Unisyn telephone, 2500 type telephone or any industry-standard peripheral device, such as a modem, fax or answering machine, on the same port. You can add the ability to print reports of all call activity, detailing the line used, time and date of the call, and number dialed (for outbound calls). And with Unisyn's Message Witing feature, a flashing light on your telephone lets you know that an important message has been left for you.

If your office is changing, Your Unisyn system can change too. Just call your Buy Rite Communications representative, and we'll adapt your system accordingly.

So user-friendly, it leads you through the programming process. One of Unisyn's most dynamic benefits is its interactive LCD programming buttons which allow you to select features for your telephone. These buttons give you easy access to systems features without memorizing complicated codes or having to constantly refer back to a manual. Simply press the OPTION button and scroll through a menu of features. Select those features you like.

You can turn background music on at your station or forward your calls to another extension, just by following the prompts and pressing the appropriate button. There is even an option to have all LCD prompts displayed in either English, Spanish, or French. This easy operation means your staff will spend less time trying to learn how to use the telephone and spend more time using it efficiently.

For more information about Unisyn, call your Buy Rite Communications representative, and find out more about the phone system with all the answers.

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