The Digital Phone System
Designed Especially For Small Business

The Advanced Features You Need.
The Ease-Of-Use You Want.

It's easy to be impressed with Impression, Comdial's newest line of affordable digital telephones. In addition to its sleek, modern-styled handset, Impression offers numerous advanced system features. Features that give you the most advanced capabilities, yet are so easy to use that everyone in your organization can start taking advantage of their productivity-enhancing power right away -- without any additional training required.
Available in either platinum or flat black designer colors, Impression gives you all these latest features in an attractive package, at a price so impressive, it's recognized as one of the great values in business telephone systems.

With Impression's Call Cost Reporting (or SMDA), you can record and report call costs by station, department, account code, line -- or all of these. So you can allocate expenses by department, analyze call activity and review employee efficiency.
With Impression's LCD capabilities, users gain access to a whole world of productivity- enhancing features, including caller ID, call costing and LCD messaging.

Instead of making you memorize a long list of codes, Impression's display shows you features as you need them. Select the feature you want to use with the simple touch of one of three interactive buttons. For instance, when you choose Impression's "Dial-By-Name", you can then scroll through a directory of pre-programmed names and numbers, with your selection automatically dialed by selecting the "dial" button. Impression's LCD capability also allows users to see the ongoing cost of calls, even as they are on the line, with Comdial's continuously updated Call Cost Display. Built-in Display Messaging lets you leave messages or reminders for added convenience. The display can even guide you through the process of setting up conference calls or programming speed dials without having to refer to a manual. It's the simplest way to bring all of Impression's powerful features to life. And it means people spend less time learning how to use Impression and more actually using it efficiently.

To add even more power to the Impression system, Departmental Call Distribution and Direct Inward Station Dialing have been built right in -- no costly extra software is recquired. DCD automatically routes calls to an open station within the appropriate department. If the call goes unanswered, or all stations are busy, it's quickly switched to your attendant with the option to take the call or place it in queue to be answered by the first available station. With Direct Inward Station Dialing (DISD), select callers can reach a specific station without going through an attendant, adding convenience for the caller and freeing receptionists from handling routine call routing.

All Impression phones feature Comdial's unique three-color LEDs that let everyone in the office know the status of each line immediately.
Green indicates the line you're using
Red show lines in use by others -- flashing red means they're on hold.
And our distinctive Orange color identifies the first ringing incoming outside call.
So Impression takes the guesswork out of processing calls, ending the confusion between "on hold" and "ringing" lines.
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