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The DigiTech series telephones can be used with the Comdial DigiTech 408, 816 and 1632 telephone systems, and the Comdial DXP telephone system (using DX-DSTxx Station Cards)
(*They are Not for direct connection to telephone lines*)
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QTY MODEL DESCRIPTION COLOR EACH 7700S-PG 24 Button LCD Display Speakerphone Grey $430.00 7700S-FB 24 Button LCD Display Speakerphone Black $430.00 7714S-PG 24 Button Speakerphone Grey $390.00 7714S-FB 24 Button Speakerphone Black $390.00 7714X-PG 24 Button Monitor Phone Grey $350.00 7714X-FB 24 Button Monitor Phone Black $350.00 7701X-PG Proprietary Single-Line Telephone Grey $178.00 7701X-FB Proprietary Single-Line Telephone Black $178.00 DD32X-PG 32 Button DSS/BLF Console Grey $350.00 DD32X-FB 32 Button DSS/BLF Console Black $350.00

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