Motorola Bitsurfr Pro ISDN Terminal Adapter, $395.00
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(Prices subject to change without notice. Shipping & Handling quoted at time of confirmation)
    Data/Fax Modems
  • Cardinal 33.6 Internal Data/Fax Modem (MVPV34I) ($CALL)
  • Cardinal 33.6 External Data/Fax Modem (MVPV34XF) ($CALL)
  • MultiTech MT2834ZDXB 33.6 External Data/Fax Modem ($CALL)
    Fax Modems with Voicemail
  • Cardinal 33.6 Internal Fax Modem with Voicemail (MVPV34IV) ($CALL)
  • Cardinal 33.6 External Fax Modem with Voicemail (MVPV34XV) ($CALL)
    Speakerphone and Fax Modem
  • Cardinal 33.6 Internal Fax Modem/Speakerphone (MVPV34ISP) ($CALL)
  • Cardinal 33.6 External Fax Modem/Speakerphone (MVPV34XSP) ($CALL)
    PC Card Modems (PCMCIA)
  • Cardinal 33.6 PCMCIA Fax Modem (MVPV34PC) ($CALL)

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